In our day-to-day life we come up with different solutions to our everyday problems and often we practically try applying these solutions. However, if we go back through the past, we have some weird patents yet they have provided inventive solutions to their problems but that never took off due to their unlikely advantages. This post looks back at some of history’s weird patents to show that as long as the disclosure is new and innovative, any invention can be patented.

  1. ANIMAL TOY (US6360693): The patent discloses about a synthetic stick for use as a toy by an animal. This patent was applied for in 1999. Though the patent only discloses a stick, it gave a new idea of using it as a toy for playing of animals.
  2. THE HICCUP STOPPER (US7062320B2): The patent discloses a series of metal rods that are placed in a glass and it is configured such that the metal rods touch the sides of the user’s face while they are drinking. While drinking from this glass the metal rods that touch the side of the user’s face emits small electric shocks, jolts the vagus and phrenic nerves and stops the hiccups.
  3. MOUSTACHE GUARD (US176175A): Can anyone of us think about having a moustache guard. But while back in the time of the 1870s, the moustache was considered as the pride of a true gentleman. This patent provides a moustache guard to protect the user’s moustache as well as the user’s reputation. The guard has a curved and concave shield that is made of vulcanized rubber, metal, or any other suitable material. The product ensures to save the moustache from any harm.
  4. THE BEERBRELLA (US6637447B2): If you have found yourself helpless at a beach where you were hopelessly trying to provide shelter to your drink under a shed to save it from the hot sun, then this patent is just for you. This patent provides a tiny parasol that easily attaches to a bottle of your drink and keeps it in a shade. The beerbrella is a combination of an umbrella with a removable attached beverage container. Cheers to the invention.
  5. LIGHT BULB CHANGER (US6826983): This patent discloses an apparatus for detecting a burned-out light bulb and replacing it with a replacement bulb. Now, how much time does a human need in replacing a burned-out bulb? Who is going to buy a machine of heavyweight and can cost plenty, just for changing a fused bulb?

You can observe that any invention may be small or strange can be patented if it has an innovative idea behind it. Hope, you will like these weird patents and we might have inspired the inventor in you a little bit.

Author: Subham Shaw (Sr. Patent Engineer, Neropat IP)

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