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Neropat IP Services is a global research and analytics firm firm that provides technical and legal support to individual researchers and entities for intellectual property management. Our services help researchers, innovators, lawyers and IP leaders in making more efficient and profitable decisions.


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 Portfolio Analysis

  State of Art                

 IP Asset Management  

 Freedom to Operate 

 Patent Watch 

 Patent Invalidation  

 Patent Valuation  



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 Patent Filing          

 Patent Drafting  

  IDS Preparation       

 Trademark Search  

 Accelerated Examination  

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‘BOOKMY’ Row – Delhi High Court Denies ‘bookmyshow’ an Injunction Against ‘bookmysports’

The Delhi High Court in Bigtree Entertainment v Brain Seed Sportainmentrecently denied the Plaintiffs, proprietors and owners of the website bookmyshow.com, an interim injunction against the Defendant’s use of the domain bookmysports.com. Ms. Justice Gupta’s order is important to inquire into, largely due to the court’s analysis of the Plaintiff’s prima facie case. Continue Reading